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Wildridge Community Representative Contact Information:
Cheryl Brock
Q: What is the difference between the blue and green bin?
A: Blue - Regular Trash / Green - Recycle
Q: When is trash pick-up/bulk pick-up?
A: Trash Pick-up is every Monday / Bulk pick-up is the first Saturday of every month.
Q: Where do we throw away paint, batteries, compost, etc.?
A: DO NOT THROW THESE ITEMS INTO THE RECYCLE CAN! These items can be recycled through Oak Point.
Q: Where can we throw away our Christmas trees?
A: These can be thrown away during bulk pick-up which is the first Saturday of every month.
Q: Do recycled items need to be bagged up or can they just be thrown into the recycling can?
A: You do NOT have to bag them. Simply just throw them right into the recycle bin.
Q: Whom do I contact if my trash does not get picked up?
A: You can contact Leigh Collins directly at 469-389-8045 or call Customer Service at 817-317-2000.
Q: What items can be recycled?
A: Flattened cardboard, paper, metal cans, plastic bottles & jugs, and glass ONLY!