The Community Standards 411
The purpose of the Wildridge Community Association is to help preserve the value of your home and property values. At Wildridge, it is our priority that we work together to maintain and upkeep our community. In order to sustain the value of homes within the community, guidelines and regulations have been put in place to provide procedures for doing so. While these are all listed in the Wildridge Governing Documents and the City of Oak Point Code of Ordinances, we've compiled a list of policies that are commonly referred to.

Compliance Life Cycle

  • The Community Manager conducts periodic inspections throughout the neighborhood. Inspection drives are necessary to enforce the governing documents, and address resident concerns.
  • If a violation is found, the homeowner will first be given a courtesy reminder that states a specific amount of time given to cure the issue. This is a great time to reach out to the Community Manager to communicate that a resolution is planned or has already been resolved. If you need extra time, just let us know. We’re here to help and work with you! A photo or receipt should be provided to show the improvement was completed.
  • The Community Manager conducts re-inspections to assess and close any outstanding issues. Violations not corrected are then escalated to the next stage.
  • Residents are allowed through Texas State Statutes and the Wildridge Governing Documents a reasonable and predetermined amount of time to remedy a violation.
  • Reference the Enforcement Policy Addendum.
The ultimate purpose and goal of the enforcement process is to gain compliance, resolve owner violations, and keep the community beautiful.

Basketball Goals

Both permanent and portable basketball goals may be approved for installation and use in accordance with the Rules & Regulations. Below are the rules regarding the goals.

  • Permitted between street right-of-way and front of the Residence.
  • Must be installed at least 25 feet from the curb.
  • Backboard must be perpendicular to the street.
  • Backboard must be mounted on a black metal pole.
  • Must be properly maintained and painted, with net in good repair.
  • Must be stored in garage or rear of lot when not in use.
  • Must be properly maintained and painted, with net in good repair.
Rules & Regulations, Section R


Flags are allowed to be displayed as long as they follow the Wildridge Rules and Regulations. Below is a reminder of the rules, but not an exhaustive list, regarding flags.

  • Permitted Flags can be up to 5 foot by 8 foot in size.
  • Up to 3 permitted flags may be flown at once.
  • Permitted flags include the United States flag, the Texas state flag, and the official or replica flag of any branch of the United States armed forces.
Flag Poles/Mounts
  • Flag poles can be up to 20 feet in height.
  • In-ground poles must be installed in the fenced area of the rear or side yard as space permits within the building setback. Other areas may be approve if there is no available space.
  • Flags flown in the unfenced area of a Lot must be done on a flagstaff that is wall-mounted at an angle to the first floor façade of the Residence.
  • Any plans to add illumination to a flag display must be approved.

Rules & Regulations, Section A

Natural Materials (Landscaping) Piles

As you finish your landscaping projects and have yard waste that you would like removed by Republic, your piles of yard waste can be considered an "unsightly" item. According to the Rules and Regulations, "no lumber, grass, plant waste, shrub or tree clippings, metals, bulk materials, scrap, refuse or trash may be kept, stored, or allowed to accumulate on any portion of the Property except within enclosed structures or appropriately screened from view."

Please plan your projects accordingly either by completing it right before pick up or keeping the yard waste out of public view until then. Below are notes on Republic's services.
  • Monthly bulk and bundled brush will be collected the first Saturday of each month.
    • Up to 3 cubic yards (the size of 3 kitchen stoves) are allowed each Saturday.
    • If you have bundled brush, it needs to measure no longer than 4 feet long, with no limb greater than 6 inches in diameter.
    • The total bundled weight may be no more than 40 pounds. 

  • Quarterly unbundled brush and yard waste will be collected the first Saturday of November, February, May and August with the boom truck.
    • This is an optional, free service in addition to your regular monthly bulk pickup.
    • You must register your address on the list for the quarterly brush pickup. Cutoff is 5 p.m. the Monday before the first Saturday.
    • Call or text 469-389-8045 or email to get your address on the list.
Rules & Regulations, Section Q

Trash Storage & Collection

Trash Storage

Prior to collection, trash and trash bags must be stored in the enclosed Residence garages or behind fencing on Lots out of public view. Trash bags and containers may be placed on those portions of Lots as required by the waste collection services or which are designated by the Association for collection no earlier than 8:00 PM CST of the day immediately prior to trash collection day. Trash containers must be returned to Residence garages or behind Lot fencing out of public view no later than 8:00 PM CST of trash collection day. Trash bags and containers may not be left on any portion of the Lot or Property on any other day for any other reason.
Reference: Rules & Regulations for Wildridge, Section K-2
Trash Collection
The trash collection day and collection policies for Oak Point can be found here.
If you're unsure what to recycle, you can find the list of do's and don'ts here.
Oak Point policies regarding bulky items and brush can be found here.
Screens for Trash Totes

Home-owners may desire a screening fence partition to store their containers outside. Owners must submit a home modification application and gain approval prior to installation. Requests must include product and manufacturer information, pictures; and plans on any fencing options, including materials, colors, and dimensions, complete with location and survey. Please allow 30 days for processing of architectural requests.

Property Boundary/ Army Corps Land

If your property is adjacent to, abuts to, or is in any way next to the association common area or US Army Corps of Engineers property, please be mindful that this private property is not an extension of your own.

Here are some examples of recently noted inappropriate and prohibited actions, that are in violation of the association's governing documents and, in some cases the law:
  • Removing portions of your fence for access to any adjacent property.
  • Planting vegetation anywhere other than an ARC approved location within your own property boundaries.
  • Placing/storing/dumping furniture, boats, paddleboards, fire pit, etc. outside of your own property.
  • Installing flag poles, lights, tiki torches, bird feeders, decorations, or similar items outside of your own property.
Altering property other than your own, in any way i.e. digging "drains," cutting trees/plants, stacking firewood or piling dirt and rocks to access the top of a retaining wall, creating a "path," etc.
Homeowners are also encouraged to report any damage, or issues regarding USACE property to

While we appreciate that many offenders are unaware that they are in violation, please know that you could be billed for the cost of removal. In some cases, you could also be fined for damaging private HOA property up to $2,500, and violators of USACE provisions and regulations could face up to a $5,000 fine and 6 months in jail under federal law.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.