Meet the Wildridge Board of Directors!
All affairs of your Association are governed by a Board of Directors who the Association members elect. Since Wildridge is still being developed, the members of the Board were initially appointed by the developer until control of the Association is transitioned to the individual members. This typically begins to happen when 75% of the community is built. As of November 2022, Wildridge hit the 75% build-out and elected its first homeowner to The Board. 
Below, are the current Association Board Members, including the first elected homeowner Board member. Please note that all members of the Board are volunteers and serve without any compensation.
Tiffany Darst, Board of Directors President 
Kineta English-White, Board of Directors 
Homeowner Board Member
John Greer, Board of Directors 
**Homeowner Elected**
Board of Directors Code of Conduct - COMING SOON!