The Wildridge Welcome Committee consists of a group of homeowners who have volunteered their time to reach out to their new neighbors and welcome them to Wildridge. The Wildridge Welcome Committee currently holds two members, Kathy and Ron Knight, who live on Vista Ridge in Wildridge. Kathy and Ron are responsible for dropping off the new homeowner welcome bag and answer any questions that the new homeowners in Wildridge might have! 
Feel free to reach out to them with any questions you may have as they are a great resource to all new homeowners in Wildridge! 
Kathy and Ron Knight moved to Wildridge in January 2021 from Flower Mound, TX, to enjoy their retirement as empty-nesters. Ron, a retired aerospace engineer, and Kathy, a retired university administrator, chose Wildridge for the quiet beauty of nature. From their home on Vista Ridge Road, they enjoy gardening, bird watching, nature photography, strolling the sidewalks and nature trails of Wildridge as well as cruising around with senior dog Ginger on their golf cart. 
Feel free to reach out to Kathy and Ron via email at